The Baseline Envisions are located in the ‘areas of search’ on the knowledge mappings. There are simple rules for this search: first look for areas which are cross-cutting between domains, and/or between actors. Second, look for areas of less dense knowledge. Third, develop the theme and its component ‘topics’, by workshop discussion: the component ‘topics’ are then mapped on the networks below.

These are the preliminary results: each shows the domains which shape them (primary and secondary):

  • ‘CITIES BUT NOT AS WE KNOW THEM’: (Domains: social: technology: economic. The urban agenda is about flows and networks)
  • ‘SOMEWHERE VERSUS ANYWHERE’: (Domains: economic: environmental: political. The urban agenda is about the challenge of policy for sustainable settlements)
  • ‘BEYOND THE TECHNICAL’: (Domains: technical: political: cultural. The urban agenda is about new forms of knowledge for new forms of governance)
  • ‘METRO-VILLAGE & CITY-BIJSINESS-CITIZEN’: (Domains : social : economic : political. The urban agenda is about spatial eco-zones, hubs and patterns)